The 6 Best Basketball Shoes For Point Guards

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There are various positions each person plays in Basketball. There’s the Point Guard, the Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, and the Center. Each of these positions plays a major role and we’re going to be focusing on one, the Point Guard.

A Point Guard is regarded as the most specialized role among all the other positions. They’re what you call the offense of a team because they’re in charge of the ball and making sure it gets to the right player at the right time. Usually, players assigned to this position are the shortest ones in the team. They’re also often referred to as the ‘coach on the floor’; a point guard is responsible for directing plays. Point guards are also the ones who initiate offensive plays because they have to create open shots for the receivers as well as zoom down the court.

They are also excellent long-distance shooters. Compared to Shooting Guards, they’re not as crucial when it comes to shooting, but there are instances that Point Guards are on par when it comes to scoring shots like the Shooting Guards.

Some notable Point Guards would be Stephen Curry, Russel Westbrook, and Chris Paul. Curry would be the best example for this article because he uses a shoe designed for the position he specializes in. It’s imperative to know that each basketball shoe caters to different types of positions.

This is why we are gladly introducing you to our list of the best basketball shoes for point guards! You may scroll down further to see a more detailed review of each shoe.

What Are The Criteria For The Perfect Point Guard Shoe?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, different basketball shoes were made for various types of players and their respective positions. As for the Point Guard, these players must adhere to these criteria when purchasing a basketball shoe:

  1. Traction. The shoe must have flawless traction that provides enough grip on the floor and allows the player to move swiftly in-court.
  2. Cushioning. The cushioning must be comfortable and responsive. It must not lag or be stiff.
  3. Top. The top must either be low or mid-cut so that it doesn’t hamper the player’s mobility. Mobility is very important for point guards because this enables them to move quickly.

Now that you have a gist on the criteria for purchasing point guard basketball shoes, you can now go to your local sports store and search for one. It can be hard to choose and decide which shoe is best for you, considering there are tons of brands and styles to choose from. Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour are the most common brands that manufacture basketball shoes. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you!

Overview Of The Best Basketball Shoes For Point Guards

1. Harden Vol.2 by Adidas

  • 4.8/5 rating
  • Top: Low
  • Signature: James Harden
  • Lockdown: Lace-Up
  • Colorways: Beige, Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Purple, Red, White
  • Weight: 524g
  • Versions: Pre-school
  • Released: 2018

2. Kyrie 6 by Nike

  • 4.4/5 rating
  • Top: Mid
  • Signature: Kyrie Irving
  • Lockdown: Lace-Up, Strap
  • Colorways: Beige, Black, Blue, Grey, Pink, Purple, White
  • Weight: 427g
  • Released: 2019

3. Curry Two by Under Armour

  • 4.6/5 rating
  • Top: Mid
  • Signature: Stephen Curry
  • Lockdown: Lace-Up
  • Colorways: Black, Blue, Grey, Pink, Red, White
  • Weight: 369g
  • Versions: 2.5, Pre-school, 2.5 Grade-school
  • Released: 2015

4. Dame 4 by Adidas

  • 4.4/5 rating
  • Top: Mid
  • Signature: Damian Lillard
  • Lockdown: Lace-Up
  • Colorways: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Grey, Pink, Red, White
  • Weight: 342g
  • Released: 2017

5. Curry 7 by Under Armour

  • 4.4/5 rating
  • Top: Low
  • Signature: Stephen Curry
  • Lockdown: Lace-Up
  • Colorways: Black, Blue, Grey
  • Weight: 374g
  • Released: 2019

6. Zoom KD 12 by Nike

  • 4.3/5 rating
  • Top: High
  • Signature: Kevin Durant
  • Lockdown: Lace-Up
  • Colorways: Black, Blue, Grey, Red, White
  • Weight: 439g
  • Released: 2019

6 Best Basketball Shoes For Point Guards

1. Harden Vol.2 by Adidas

Harden Vol.2 by Adidas

4.8/5  Overall Rating

Cushioning is fantastic. Keeps foot and legs comfortable for a long period of time
Upper is very comfortable
A lot of players claimed that they did not experience any joint pains with this shoe
Balance and support make scoring effortless
The ForgeFiber technology on the shoe makes it very durable (did not see any wear and tear even after five months)
Adjustable lacing system conforms to any type of foot be it narrow or wide
Thanks to the midsole base it makes the shoe very stable
The Vol.2 model is much more snug compared to its predecessors
The customizable lacing system keeps the foot locked down

Wearers only reap the benefits of the shoe if used on clean courts
Outsole rubber does not give any squeaky noise
Some players don’t like the external heel cup’s look because it looks “alien-like”
Some claim there’s a pinching sensation at the midfoot because of the elastic band

What do most people think of this product?

This shoe was designed to cater to James Harden’s main moves which are namely the Step-back, Euro-step, and Jab-step. Secure lockdown, forefoot confinement, and the plush cushioning are all present in this shoe, and we have the thick Boost, ForgeFiber mesh, and adaptive lacing system to thank for that.

The Harden Vol.2 is indeed an upgrade compared to its signature model predecessor, the Harden Vol.1. Vol.2 has a thicker Boost cushioning which provides comfort and responsiveness. The midsole is wider than the upper which makes for a stable base for the foot and enhances overall foot containment.

To many people, it would seem that they’re just random patterns clustered together. However, the shoe designer, Rashad Williams, says that the fractal patterns have a purpose. He has observed how Harden plays and the small patterns on the shoe are designed as it is based on where James puts pressure on his foot. The outsole’s traction extends to the external heel counter. The grooves on the shoe do not run deep, so it’s safe to say that these pairs of shoes won’t last long for outdoor use.

The fit on the Harden Vol.2 runs true to size, however, the midfoot area feels narrow due to the elastic band. Although, it will stretch after breaking it in. To be safe, just stick to the standard basketball Adidas basketball size. This shoe uses an adaptable lacing system. The full cleatie upper adds to the totality of the lockdown which would ensure the foot stays in place. The elastic band on the midfoot makes the shoe snug on the feet.

The upper is made out of neoprene and mesh cleatie. These materials provide flexibility to the player and keep their foot intact. Then another layer of materials covers the shoe’s internal cleatie. The forefoot is made out of a type of mesh that’s stitched alternately with threads called the ForgeFiber. These threads are coated with TPU and are stitched to the mesh which makes room for support and flexibility in targeted areas, in turn, it reduces the shoe’s weight. The tongue is made out of mesh as well which makes it breathable and offers great ventilation. The midsole has a thick cushion called the Boost.

This is a low-top shoe that has an Adidas Equipment logo on the heel. The signature three stripes that represent the Adidas brand are located on the lateral side of the forefoot. The James Harden logo is displayed proudly on the tongue.

Overall, Adidas has decent basketball shoes, especially this one. The traction on this shoe is a disappointment to some wearers, but nonetheless it’s still a pretty solid shoe.

2. Kyrie 6 by Nike

Kyrie 6 by Nike

4.4/5  Overall Rating

Players have claimed that this shoe has everything you need
Materials are durable
Suitable to use outdoors (traction grooves are thick and deep)
One of the best tractions of all time (better than its predecessor)
Forefoot Zoom feels very good
Exceptional lockdown
Many have claimed this to be the best guard shoes available

Too snug on the foot
Some have complained that the synthetic heel on the other colorways are terrible

What do most people think of this product?

This signature line is one of the most well-known lines of shoes in the market. Many have praised Kyrie Irving’s shoe line and have claimed that it is one of the best basketball shoes ever made for shifty guards. Even the iconic athlete himself has praised Nike for developing shoes that cater to his play style. This shoe mainly focuses on comfort and control. The designer of the shoe, Benjamin Nethongkome, knows exactly what Kyrie wants, and he succeeded in designing the perfect shoe.

This sixth model in the signature line boasts this feature called the Air Zoom Turbo that offers insane responsiveness. There is an adjustable strap, padded collar, and heel counter that keeps the ankles locked-in and aligned with the rest of the foot. This shoe also features an all-angle traction pattern that provides serious grip.

Like all the other previous Kyrie models, this one has a curved outsole for another added grip. This grippy material is extremely helpful when players do banking shots because said material extends up to the forefoot and sidewalls that attracts more traction. Another great thing about this shoe is it keeps the player’s ankle locked in and aligned with the hoop, and we have the heel counter and padded collar to thank for that. The midfoot strap is also adjustable and it crosses over the laces to keep the foot in place.

The materials that make up the shoe are ballistic mesh and premium leather. The purpose of the ballistic mesh is to provide a lightweight feel and a breathability.

Overall, this shoe is considered to be one of the best basketball shoes in 2019. They offer great performance on-court and are perfect for positions such as a point guard and a forward.

3. Curry Two by Under Armour

Curry Two by Under Armour

4.6/5  Overall Rating

Traction is superb
Great for casual and high-performance players
Has a balanced platform